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Transparency in online education – AB’s

In this post I selected content page and some videos that show prospects who value transparency in education online.

Social networking sites: Transparency in online Education – Christian Dalsgaard, Institute of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Article Social networking sites: Transparency in Online Education by Christian Dalsgaard, discusses the question: What are the educational potential of social networking sites?

One of the characteristics of social networks is the combination of personalization and socialization, which can facilitate transparency between the students.

The article will discuss how social networking can be used to educate college students share information and resources that are originally developed for himself, but made available to others – for example markers, references, links and notes.

 Transparency encourages students to work cooperatively distance because it allows everyone to view the work, progress and difficulties of each other as partners.

Student work can be individually and in these cases may not be aware of the activity of other students, these products are relevant to the other students.

The potential of social networking is transparency and ability to create awareness among students – possibly through institutions and nations.



View more presentations from Morten Flate Paulsen.

This presentation was produced by Professor Morten Paulsen for the International Conference on Open and Distance Learning held in Cambridge set.2009

Presents the Philosophy NKI-based online learning as a facilitator of individual freedom within a learning community in which online students serve as mutual resources without relying on others.

Students can start whenever they want, because there is a tool to monitor individual progress. Cooperative learning is based on voluntary participation in a learning community.

 Paulsen (in press) argued that transparency is important for distance education. He discusses transparency in relation to education flexible, with continuous enrollment and examination. The education challenge is to flexibly engage students in the joint. 

Transparency in Cooperative Online Education by Christian Dalsgaard  e Morten Paulsen for  International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning – June/2009 – viewed in May 12 2010

The aim of this paper is to discuss the following question: What is the potential for cooperation of social networks in education online? Social networks do not necessarily imply communication, dialogue and collaboration. Moreover, the authors argue that transparency is a unique feature of social networks and when it is applied in distance education, gives us an overview of each share of students. Potentiate cooperative learning, allowing students to have an ideal of individual freedom within online learning communities. This article demonstrates how cooperative learning can be supported by transparency. To illustrate, the article presents the model for the NKI Distance Education through research and experience with cooperative learning. The article discusses the means by which social networking and transparency can be used in online education. In conclusion, the article argues that the educational potential of social networking is in transparency and the ability to sensitize and motivate students.  The authors conclude that social networking sites are not new learning management systems. From the perspective of the Theory of Freedom Coopertativa, highlight the advantages of communication and interaction as a pedagogical capability provided by the use of social networks. From this perspective, social networks are considered as a supplement to other tools.

Transparency in online education Key Ideia by RosalinaManuela – 18 janeiro de 2010

In this short video,  Rosalina  presents the key idea of transparency in online education, which is cooperative learning, the potential to learn from each other through our sharing in the network. I myself have just make it through the work of Rosalina, I am building my own, and in the future will be with our other … that is constructive and cooperative learning.

The key idea of transparency in online education, referred by Rosalina in her video is: “Social technology – such as Twitter, blogs, Facebook – opens the door to sharing the process of learning, not only the final product.” (Siemens, 2009).

Transparency in Development cooperation? Use Web 2.0

The theme of this video  is not online education but about the need for transparency in social cooperation for sustainable development of countries and how this can be achieved with Web 2.0. In addition to find the video humorous and interesting and presents an accessible view of an important issue for those who contribute to the growth of distance to other places in need around the world, which is: How do I know if the money is go where I want it?


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