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Transparency in Online Education – My LO

Know your transparency’s level!

Please make this quiz for know your preferece  in On line Education:


I ask that anyone who can share your opinion about the quiz .
I would like to evaluate whether you agree with the results presented.
This activity was developed for the discipline of Pedagogical Processes E-Learning by Professor Morten Paulsen.

Thank you,  Juliana


Transparency in online education – AB’s

In this post I selected content page and some videos that show prospects who value transparency in education online.

Online Teaching Techniques

This presentation is a learning object (LO) is about OnlineTeaching teachniques developed the discipline of ppel.

The purpose since LO is to explain what they are teaching techniques and how they can be applied in distance education.
Was based on the framework devised by Professor Paulsen and is illustrated with real examples of the application of some techniques.

Click here to view the presentation:

AB’s Reviews

The production of our AB’s was for me the task more difficult we do at the beginning of course, because of all required reading lot of information and the most out of natural language. This was a complication in the interpretation of the content that I read.

Highlight in this review, the work of Cecilia, because I think is complete and will serve as inspiration for my next similar work.
I admire the ability to present information with a high level of depth despite the short period of time to perform the task.
I think it was well organized into themes that guide the understanding of articles.
Finally, the conclusion to the themes used is also important to present the views of the author of the analysis.
To conduct the work with this level of depth is a challenge for me.
Also highlight the work done by Joaquim Pinto that besides doing a good job, was concerned to translate their AB’s in Portuguese.

Another work that is relevant in my opinion is the work of Antonio Pedro, the uniqueness of your journal from images. He read more attractive and interesting.

PPEL – Reviews LO´s

Before mentioning any particular LO, I think we have done a good job on your LO’s, showing great creativity and commitment.
Discovered the work of many colleagues did not know that tools such as Prezi, Scribd and GoAnimate. I will explore the next opportunity.

LO Cecília
Highlight the LO Cecilia’s because I think it concerns a theme relevant to all the adult student: How engage in learning and reconcile with other aspects of our lives (family, work etc..)?
I also found interesting the way addressed the issue of communication and lack thereof. And the question of time and pace: while some other work … sleep or do other things like going to shopping.
Like many colleagues used the same tool to create your LO, ended up losing a little originality in presentation, but more important is the content.
I appreciate the sense of humor that used in the construction of your comic and I think she did an excellent job and should continue so for the next.

LO Carla Elias
It’s my favorite LO because it is unique and simple to understand and educational. I liked the tool that she used.

Cooperative Freedom – annotated bibliogaphy – part 1

This post replies to the proposed activity in Discipline Pedagogical Process for E-learning (PPEL) to create an annotated bibliogaphy on Freedom Cooperative.

This research was seeking to understand the concept of Freedom Cooperative mentioned by Professor Morten Paulen and realize the difference between Cooperative Learning and Collaborative Learning.