Juliana Antunes – Estudante on-line

AB’s Reviews

The production of our AB’s was for me the task more difficult we do at the beginning of course, because of all required reading lot of information and the most out of natural language. This was a complication in the interpretation of the content that I read.

Highlight in this review, the work of Cecilia, because I think is complete and will serve as inspiration for my next similar work.
I admire the ability to present information with a high level of depth despite the short period of time to perform the task.
I think it was well organized into themes that guide the understanding of articles.
Finally, the conclusion to the themes used is also important to present the views of the author of the analysis.
To conduct the work with this level of depth is a challenge for me.
Also highlight the work done by Joaquim Pinto that besides doing a good job, was concerned to translate their AB’s in Portuguese.

Another work that is relevant in my opinion is the work of Antonio Pedro, the uniqueness of your journal from images. He read more attractive and interesting.