Juliana Antunes – Estudante on-line

PPEL – Reviews LO´s

Before mentioning any particular LO, I think we have done a good job on your LO’s, showing great creativity and commitment.
Discovered the work of many colleagues did not know that tools such as Prezi, Scribd and GoAnimate. I will explore the next opportunity.

LO Cecília
Highlight the LO Cecilia’s because I think it concerns a theme relevant to all the adult student: How engage in learning and reconcile with other aspects of our lives (family, work etc..)?
I also found interesting the way addressed the issue of communication and lack thereof. And the question of time and pace: while some other work … sleep or do other things like going to shopping.
Like many colleagues used the same tool to create your LO, ended up losing a little originality in presentation, but more important is the content.
I appreciate the sense of humor that used in the construction of your comic and I think she did an excellent job and should continue so for the next.

LO Carla Elias
It’s my favorite LO because it is unique and simple to understand and educational. I liked the tool that she used.